Introduction to Avatar Shopper

This software and app will revolutionize shopping as we know it. For several years now there has been software available to the customer (shopper) to create a shopping avatar to assist in online clothes shopping, however, there has always been a disconnect between shopper and merchant. Not anymore! Avatar Shopper software gives the tools to the MERCHANT to upload information on their garments to be used in conjunction with the Avatar Shopper app, as well as the existing software. As for the app, rather than giving basic dimensions like the existing technology asks for, Avatar Shopper will ask EVERY dimension from top to bottom to get a virtual clone of the shopper. With the two technologies combined, the shopper will be able to have the same experience of trying on their clothes as they would in a brick and mortar store from the comfort of their own home.

How Does It Work?
The software will be designed so merchants can upload images and specific measurements for each garment to be used with our app as well as the other apps out there to create the most realistic at home, virtual shopping experience. The app will allow its users to input very specific, detailed measurements to create their shopping avatar, so when the user is shopping online they will be able to try on their clothes and get the most life-like representation of the fit.

How is Avatar Shopper Different?
The software is revolutionary, as of now, the only software that has been developed is for the shopper, but nothing for the merchant. We’re filling in the gap so the avatar shopping experience can come to fruition. Our app differs from the rest because it will create a virtual clone of the shopper, rather than asking the basic size questions, our app users will input every small detail.


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